City-Lights, Boulevard-Showcases and Showcases for Outdoor Use




Glass-Showcases, Exhibit-Showcases and Indoor Showcases




Digital-Signage-Display Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor




Large Clocks, Advertising & Facade Clocks 
in all sizes and shapes



CITY-LIGHT | All CLP-Showcases at a Glance

Our City-Light Poster Showcases have been designed for a hard use in out-of-home advertising networks and have proven their worth over decades. You can see all City-Light product lines here at a glance.

Boulevard-Showcases and Guidance Systems

Further products for outdoor use are our boulevard-showcases and our guidance and orientation systems.

Sliding-Door Showcase for Indoor Use

Our showcases for indoor use offer a great solution for any information display while a having great fire and accident protection.

Glass-Showcases for Exhibitions & Museums

Our product range of glass showcases ranges from a price-effective collector’s showcase as individual product to the equipment of entire exhibitions with museum showcases with noble all-glass technology. 

Large Clcoks and Advertising Clocks

Our outdoor clocks can do much more than just displaying the time. They have many design options and you can complement them with advertising space as well as analogue and digital displays.