High-quality outdoor showcases with aluminum frames and safety glass, weatherproof and maintenance-free with warranty! You can choose from a wide range of accessories for each showcase.

If you are not able to find the perfect showcase for you, please talk to us! Individual solutions are our strength.

Showcases for outdoor use

PREMIUM-Series – Showcases Individually & Variable

The PREMIUM range of our showcases is characterized by its high variability and a wide range of accessories. These products have maximum freedom of design so we can produce the showcase to meet all your expectations in every single aspect. As a variant-manufacturer, we produce your showcase individually just as economical as mass products, which correspond to your individual specifications in design, equipment and technology.

PRIMUS-Series Showcases Low-Priced & Available From Stock

The PRIMUS-showcases offer cost-effective alternatives for a safe display of information while still having our high quality standards. The individual PRIMUS-showcases are usually available from stock in the standard dimensions, please visit our online shop for more info.