Basic Model for Large ShowcasesPLANUS

PLANUS is our inexpensive basic model for large outdoor showcases. It has a high stability and torsional stiffness thanks to a construction made of sturdy aluminum hollow chamber profiles with internal corner rods. All functional elements like concealed hinges or gas pressure springs are maintenance-free and have a great longevity.




  • Showcase available in large formats with a great price-performance ratio
  • Freestanding variant with lateral legs optional
  • Standard formats available from stock
  • Efficient, energy-saving LED lighting technology


  • Fire protection certificate
  • IP 54 tightness certified
  • 2 × IK 10 shock resistance certified
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU RoHS compliance
  • DIN EN 1090 welding operation certified
  • SK II protection class 2
  • LED energy-saving lighting
  • CE-compliance


Gehäusetiefen60 mm - one-sidedPLANUS is no typical product with variants

Number of DIN A-4 sheets

Measurements WxH

  8 × DIN A4 • 962 × 812 mm 
16 × DIN A4 • 1312 × 1062 mm 
21 × DIN A4 • 1582 × 1112 mm 
27 × DIN A4 • 2002 × 1112 mm
Minimum order quantity is 5 for individual constructions
Openingfolding wing with gas pressure springs


Glazingtoughened safety glass / ESG
Surfaceanodizing in matt silver (E6/EV1) 
Lighting / Text Panelwithout panel and lighting
optional: white acrylic text panel 
LED lighting behind panel

Lock Systemsafety locks with two keys

Mounting Type

prepared for wall mounting,
inkl. required material
aluminum legs in square shape
Rear Panelwhite, magnetic rear panel
incl. 10 magnets