rounded showcaseMoveo

The MOVEO showcase has rounded aluminum profiles and is especially suited for rooms with increased public traffic and public buildings. In addition to a reduced risk of accidents with its rounded edges, the sliding-door showcase has increased fire protection as well. We offer a simple and safe solution with our sliding-door showcase that will withstand every fire protection test and is mostly used in schools and universities. 


  • Rounded Showcase with sliding doors
  • Highest protection against fire or accidents
  • Free color selection and individual special sizes possible


Housing Depth50 mm

  80 mm
125 mm
210 mm

Number of DIN A-4 sheets
Measurements WxH
  8 × DIN A4 • 955 × 720 mm 
18 × DIN A4 • 1395 × 1030 mm 
21 × DIN A4 • 1615 × 1030 mm 
27 × DIN A4 • 2055 × 1030 mm
standard measurements from
800 × 800 mm to about
2.500 × 1.500 mm 
individual measurements according to customer's requirements
OpeningSliding Doors mounted on roller bearings


Glazingtoughened safety glass / ESGESG und VSG in various versions
anti-glare glass
Surfaceanodizing in matt silver (E6/EV1)color coating in RAL colors
special colors according to DB, NCS et al.
eloxal colors of your choice
Lighting / Text Panelwithout panel and lighting

white acrylic text panel
LED lights behind text panel
Lock Systempressure-cylinder safety lock
incl. 2 keys
individual closure system
according to the customer's requirements

Mounting Type

prepared for wall mounting,
incl. required material
installation in recesses
Rear Panelwhite, magnetic back wall 
incl. 10 magnets
coating in different colors
beige cork bulletin board