Rounded Showcase of the Primus-SeriesMoveo-S

As a cost-effective variant of our tested MOVEO showcase for indoor use, we have created the MOVEO-S. Due to a modified design and a production of larger quantities, we are able to offer this showcase at a very low price without any compromises on usability or function. 


  • Rounded housing for improved accident protection
  • Very favorable price
  • Standard formats available from stock


Housing Depth50 mm

Moveo-S is no typical variant product, individual 

designs can be found

with our premium model MOVEO

Number of DIN A-4 sheets
Measurements WxH
  8 × DIN A4 • 955 × 720 mm 
18 × DIN A4 • 1395 × 1030 mm 
21 × DIN A4 • 1615 × 1030 mm 
27 × DIN A4 • 2055 × 1030 mm
Opening2-part glass sliding-door


Glazingtoughened safety glass / ESG-
Surfaceanodizing in matt silver (E6/EV1)-
Lighting / Text Panelwithout panel and lighting

Lock Systemsafety lock 
incl. 2 keys

Mounting Type

prepared for wall mounting,
incl. required material
Rear Panelwhite, magnetic back wall 
incl. 10 magnets