The Classic Showcase for Outdoor UsePLENUM

Versatile showcase with an angular housing in selectable dimensions and extensive accessories. PLENUM is our classic model among outdoor showcases. A high degree of variability, stability and an extensive range of accessories make the PLENUM showcase the most popular model for churches, schools, municipalities, and other public institutions.



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  • Very popular, classic showcase with aluminum frames and wings
  • Absolutely weatherproof, extremely robust and ideal for outdoor use
  • Wide range of possible installation types, dimensions, depths and available accessories
  • Easy replacement of the front window if damaged
  • Efficient, energy-saving LED lighting technology
  • Fire protection certificate • IP 54/65 tightness certified • 2 × IK10 shock resistance certified


Housing Depths  65 mm - one-sided
123 mm - two-sided
100 mm - one-sided
140 mm - one-sided
210 mm - one-sided and two-sided

Number of DIN A-4 sheets

Measurements WxH

  8 × DIN A4 • 980 × 830 mm
16 × DIN A4 • 1330 × 1080 mm
21 × DIN A4 • 1600 × 1130 mm
27 × DIN A4 • 2020 × 1130 mm
standard measurements from
800 × 800 mm to about 
2.500 ×1.500 mm 
individual measurements according to customer's requirements
Openingfolding wing with gas pressure springs
autom. lock in open position
rotary wing with left or right stop
two-leaf opening with center muntin
Glazingtoughened safety glass / ESGESG and VSG in various versions
anti-glare glass
glazing with vandalism protection • many other options
Surfaceanodizing in matt silver (E6/EV1) color coating in RAL colors
special colors according to DB, NCS, et al.
eloxal colors of your choice
Lightingno lightingLED lights behind text panel
twilight switch
astro clock
motion detector
independent soloar power supply
Text Panelunlabeled, white acryllic text panel
(can be used for later labeling)
black foil inscription on white panel
white writing through cut out black foil
graphical logos in colors of your choice
cut out stainless steel panel
Lock Systemsafety locks with two keys eachprofile cylinder locks with stainless steel covers
individual closure technology according to the customer's requirements
Mounting Typeprepared for wall mounting,
inkl. required material
freestanding with aluminum legs in round or angular shape
in row, triangle or star arrangement
installation in recesses
individual base constructions and much more
Rear Panelwhite, magnetic rear panel
incl. 10 magnets
coating in various colors
different colors for indoor and outdoor
beige cork bulletin board