Corporate Responsibility

„Sustainability at ST“ – We Take Responsibility

Social, ecological and economical – we, ST-VITRINEN Trautmann GmbH & Co., take responsibility!
Entrepreneurial sustainability is more than a slogan for us – it is one of the most important core elements of our corporate philosophy. We are committed to our environment, our society and our generations to come, and explicitly include people from all parts of society (as well as people with disabilities). We are primarily concerned with the creation and implementation of sustainable strategies through our corporate management, taking into account economic, environmental and social factors. Ultimately, the claim of a “Grandchildren’s Future” determines our action in order not only to secure out future, but to actively participate in shaping it.
To give you a detailed insight into our company philosophy, this page will inform you about our fields of action in the field of “Corporate Responsibility”.


Aluminum is one of our main materials, and not just for practical reasons. Already used aluminum can be recycled without any loss of quality. Aluminum recycling saves up to 95% energy and CO2. 100% of the aluminum scrap from the processing of our aluminum profiles gets recycled. It can then be used to produce new profiles as well as other aluminum products. As a result, we sustainably reduce energy and raw material consumption, as well as climate-influencing emissions since mining, refining and transport of raw aluminum are eliminated. Furthermore, when purchasing raw materials (aluminum, glass, steel), we are strictly committed to working exclusively with suppliers who use recycled raw materials.

Waste Segregation

Likewise, we think a clean waste segregation is of great importance. By pre-sorting our industrial waste, the facilitate recycling and thus support the global sustainability cycle. The separation of waste contributes to climate protection and the conservation of limited raw materials. The Federal Environment Agency, for example, argues that by 2020, modernized waste management can save up to 28 million tons of CO2. We feel that it is our social and entrepreneurial duty to take part in it.

Energy Efficiency

In 1995, we carried out the first installation of a photovoltaic system on our roof. With the completion of a new production hall in 2014, the entire solar system was modernized and significantly expanded. We have replaced power generation from fossil fuels with solar energy from our own photovoltaic system. In the meantime, we even generate a surplus with our solar system and feed more energy into the electrical grid over the course of the year than we use.

We Support Integration

For us, corporate responsibility does not mean “just” pursuing an environmentally friendly corporate policy. We believe that sustainability also applies to society – and to society as a whole. Therefore, integration is a social matter for us which we take very seriously. A job gives people with a handicap not only a regular everyday structure, but also security and recognition. We and the Foundation Department “Work and Vocational Rehabilitation – proWerk” work closely together to enable people with disabilities or disadvantages to have professional and social participation.

Career Prospects for Young People

People are important to us and our employees are our greatest asset.  The claim of a “Grandchildren’s Future” goes hand in hand with a work environment that puts special emphasis on being a training company. Above all, it is important to promote young people, train our own skilled workers and thus offer our next generation a chance for a future career.

Smart, Flexible Working Models

In a world that becomes more and more digitalized, working models are also changing. Work gets more and more decentralized and “smart”. Because we are open to these changes, we offer flexible work models such as home office. Team-internal arrangements can be realized over the phone or via Skype meetings and work processes can be solved by remote sessions via VPN connections. No matter where our employees are at this very moment, we are always directly connected to them through new communication technologies. This results in a win-win situation for all participants: employers, employees and customers.

Educational Partnerships

We are a member of the regional competence network „it’s OWL“ since 2017. In this technology network, we are one of 180 companies, universities, research institutes and organizations that jointly implement the innovation leap from industrial mechatronics to intelligent, technical systems of the industry 4.0. We also work with universities (e.g. the University of Paderborn) and schools (e.g. the comprehensive school Schildesche) in the context of internships, bachelor and master theses because the promotion of young people is very important to us.