The newly developed all-glass series EXPONATUM is especially useful for museums and other demanding exhibitions. Their dimensions, shape, and coloring are highly customizable to fit your very own needs. This way, you can individualize each and every exhibit according to your wishes for perfect exhibitions.

Concealed closing elements, transparent glass surfaces as well as various possibilities for integrated air conditioning and safety technology meet all technical and design claims of a contemporary scenography.

  • High-quality all-glass display cases with VSG safety glass
  • Invisible closure technology
  • Multiple effective lighting options with LED-technology
  • Dustproof construction, optional with passive air conditioning
  • Continuous height-adjustable glass shelves on stainless steel bars or optically discreet cord suspension

Brilliant LED-Lighting

You can choose between a variety of lighting options. Use eye-catching light effects to highlight individual exhibits with LED-spots or choose an even lighting with light guide plates at the top of the display case.

Museumsvitrine Beleuchtung mit LED-Strahler Museumsvitrine Beleuchtung mit LED-Strahler

Variable Glass Shelves

Round stainless steel rods form the secure basis for the individual glass shelves carrier, which can be adjusted continuously in the height (IV 093). Alternatively, we can use a suspension on very robust and extremely thin steel cables which look so subtle that is looks as if the glass shelves in the display case are almost floating (IV 094).

Innovative Fitting Technology

We offer the EXPONATUM-series with two different opening variants. For Type 1, you can open the display case with the glass door via a concealed rotary belt (IV 095). For Type 2, you can open the display case via a completely removable shim that is screwed on the head (IV 096).