Pillar Display Cases

EXPONATUMPillar Display Cases

A pillar display case is best used when individual objects ought to be presented from all sides with equal intensity. The view is improved by a transparent glass construction with no visually disruptive components.

The EXPONATUM pillar display cases are customizable in all dimensions. This gives you the option to use very slim or half-high pillar display cases.

Additionally, you can place various LED-spots on vertical, magnetic contact rails to present the exhibits according to your wishes.

Substructures as closed base or as lockable cabinet are possible as well.

Product Details


Standard Sizes

500 x 1900 x 500 mm
600 x 1900 x 7600 mm
Individual dimensions on request.


LightingIndividual LED-spots, placeable anywhere on vertical stainless steel rods or bars. Optional: head element with integrated LED-lighting. Various special solutions on request.

Glass body can be hinged upwards, supported and secured by lateral gas pressure springs.

Safety lock in the front area.


Alternative OptionsFloor cabinets and base constructions in many different versions with various surfaces and materials.
Half-height versions for pedestals / tables.
Pillars in 6- or 8-angular shape.