Bonnet Display Cases

EXPONATUMBonnet Display Cases

A bonnet display case presents a scenery with an optimal effect. The elegant display case shifts the attention toward the exhibit to impress from any angle.

With individual, freely positionable LED-spots you can support single aspects of the exhibit as you wish. Alternatively, you can also illuminate the exhibit from all sides with a maximum of brilliance.

Product Details


Standard Sizes

400 x 1600 x 400 mm
(Height of the glass body 400 mm)
500 x 1600x 500 mm
(Height of the glass body 500 mm)
Individual dimensions on request.


LightingIndividual LED-spots, placeable anywhere on vertical pillars as single- or duo- spot.
Optional: LED-spot on vertical stainless steel rod.
Various special solutions on request.

Revolving door with concealed bands.
Safety lock in the lower area.

Optional: Glass body removable from the top.

Alternative OptionsFloor cabinets and base constructions in many different versions with various surfaces and materials.