Passenger information systemINFORMATION TOTEM

Information totem • default + vandalism proof

The timetable is posted on an inclined magnetic rear wall which is printed with an orthogonal grid to align the plans. LED lights with front optics and a beam angle of 20° optimize the readability. An orientation bracket guarantees tactile detection according to TSI and PRM. The vandalism proof version has a sturdier glass structure. The certified shock resistances of both versions corresponds to 2 × IK10.


  • Vandalism proof variant with sturdy glazing
  • Barrier free poster notice according to TSI und PRM
  • Shock resistance certified according to 2 × Ik10
  • Energy-saving LED lighting with focusing optics
  • Invisible comfort lock in the lower area with a DB 3- triangular snap lock


Dimensions - 1-sided
W×H × D
1375 × 1370 × 100 1375 × 1120 × 100 775 × 1120 × 100
Dimensions - 2-sided
W×H × D
1375 × 1370 × 210 1375 × 1120 × 210 775 × 1120 × 210

Side Stand

L = 2270 mm, with securing elementand orientation frame L = 2020 mm, with securing elementand orientation frame L = 2020 mm, with securing elementand orientation frame
Construction Hollow chamber profile system made of aluminum, color coated in RAL 9006 - anti-graffiti.
Glazing, Default:  ESG - Safety glass 5.0 mmm; enclosed in ST-glazing system
Vandalism Proof: VSG - Safety glass made of 2 TVG glass panes with a sturdy intermediate layer in the space; enclosed in the ST-glazing system.
Opening Folding wing with concealed hinges and gas pressure openers with safety lock.
Closure Comfort closure with DB 3-point snap lock. Niche variant with key entry from the front.
Lighting Energy-saving LED lighting with changeover switch and focusing optics.
Accessories Sloping plate with orthogonal point grid. Opal aluminum bezel with text „information“.
Orientation frame for tactile recognition according to TSI and PRM.
Side Stand Aluminum square profile 100 x 100 mm with steel profile core according to static requirements and distance adapter profile for an axis dimension of 1500 mm, powder-coated in accordance with RAL 9007 anti-graffiti.