Portrait monitor on a vertical mast

The LED Street-Light illuminates the sidewalk both efficiently and brilliantly. At the same time, the monitor placed on the side provides information and eye-catching advertising for the passers-by. POLESCREEN is combined in an innovative way and always placed perfectly! It provides the requiredlighting for urban environments and is supplemented with our digital signage know-how to create something new for the modern city. POLESCREEN is ideally suited for illuminating event locations, public places or usable as a modern street lighting with space for digital information.

All single- and double-sided variations are manufacturerd with our newly designed multi-frameprofile.


  • Air conditioning: -27.4°F to +104°F
  • Screen sizes: 55 and 65 inches
  • High-brightness LCD up to 7.000 nit


Modell55 P 17165 P 171
panel55 inch LCD65 inch LCD
resolution1080 × 1920 pixel1080 × 1920 pixel

visible size of monitor

681 × 1210 mm

808 × 1433 mm

brightness2500 | 3500 | 5500 | 7000 nit2500 nit
temperature range-33 to +40 °C-33 to +40 °C
temperature controlcooling and heating systemcooling and heating system

with UV+IR protection
VSG 9,14 mm - anti-glareVSG 9,14 mm - anti-glare

Dimensions displaycase

861 × 1447 × 220 mm

988 × 1670 × 220 mm

dimensions pole with
lighting unit (H, Ø)

4781 mm, Ø 219 mm

4741 mm, Ø 219 mm