Digital Signage Software + Player-PC

Content-Management-System and HardwareDigital Signage Software + Player-PC


Our sophisticated, user-friendly content management software ST-CM7 is designed for the operation of our outdoor and indoor product line e.VITRUM. The software enables the user to control and survey his digital content centrally.

You are in control of all networked monitors and can coordinate the presentation of your individually compiled data or advertising content.

A content management software runs on a notebook or PC, centrally managing and preparing the displayed content. The software is versatile and configurable. The structure may be extended, arranged as needed and organized in folders and subgroups.

A server is responsible for the data storage. It sends the current content at configurable intervals to a media player PC.

The media player PC is integrated into the monitor stele or monitor case respectively and presents the content on the displays.

Hardware andsystem architecture

SoftwareKey facts

Freedom of layout

The software helps you design your layout easily and without limitations. You are not bound to predetermined layouts or templates. Nevertheless, you have a great variety of predefined layouts for free use at your disposal.
Individual layouts that have already been designed can be saved and re-used or edited if necessary
The display area is divisible in many segments. Different types of content can be presented separately on one screen at the same time.
You can decide whether you want to present single layout segments of a website, interactive elements or play videos or music. There are no limits to creativity and ideas!

Intuitive operation

The great advantage of ST-CM7 lies in the easy and intuitive to operate user interface. If you are familiar with other windows software you will very quickly learn to use ST-CM7 efficiently. A quick training guarantees immediate results!

variety of formats

All common media formats can be used in your playlist without conversion. Websites, Flash-files and PowerPoint presentations (no licence required) can be presented as well as all common picture and video formats. We are pleased to send you a list of all supported file formats on request.
Immediately playable content, without time-consuming conversion of formats.

Easy maintenance and installation

The installation of ST-CM7 software on client computers usually does not take longer than 30 minutes. An easy to operate installation routine supports you in integrating the software into your network where upcoming updates and software upgrades can be run safely and without complications. Safe system integration and easy software updates.

Log function

All playout and status information of every point-of-visualisation is being logged and saved to use the data, for instance, as a basis for accounting or service. Review and documentation are possible at any time.


The media player PC is integrated into the monitor stele or monitor case respectively and presents the content on the displays.


dimensions L×W×H117 × 112 × 36 mm 


Quad-Core i5 / up to 3,80 GHz


GPUIntel Iris Plus Graphics 655 
network connectionGigabit LAN 1 802.11 ac WLAN I v5.0 Bluetooth  
SSD500 GB M.2




4 × USB 3.1
l × HDMI 2.0
l × Thunderbolt 3 supports USB 3.1 Gen.2 und DisplayPort 1.2


MEDIA PLAYER: We offer dedicated media players in various performance and equipment variants