Landscape | Deskscreen

Outdoor LCD-ScreenLandscape | Deskscreen

Barrier-free desk showcase with a monitor in landscape format

Barrier-free information can be displayed and retrieved 24/7. The special LCD monitor is easy to read and protected in bright sunlight thanks to an anti-glare glass front with UV and IR filters. People with disabilities can read and zoom into all the information via the multitouch function. The design of the construction is optimized to be easily accessible for everyone, including wheelchair users.




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  • Air conditioning: -5°C to +40°C
  • Accessible touch display for poeple with a wheelchair
  • High-brightness LCD up to 7.000 nit


Model55 L 361
panel55 inch LCD
resolution1920 × 1080 pixel

visible size of monitor

1210 × 681 mm
brightness700 | 2500 nit
temperature range-5 to +40 °C
temperature controlcooling and heating system
with UV+IR protection
VSG 9,14 mm - anti-glare


1370 × 1177 × 875 mm