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Start into a digital future

With the digitalization of media portfolios via HD screens, entirely new opportunities are created for businesses to present their entire product range with one medium directly at the point-of-sale. Premium quality monitors are integrated into an elegant stele. The glass front is available with a ceramic print in virtually any colour. The glass front's gloss gives the stele a particular shine and a premium look. An invisible locking mechanism and concealed hinges emphasize attention to detail and a high level of quality.

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  • Ideal for use directly at the point of sale
  • Touch operation possible
  • Ceramic printed glass front


Model55 P 21165 P 211
panel55 inch LCD65 inch LCD
resultion2160 × 3840 Pixel2160 x 3840 Pixel

visible size of monitor

681 × 1210 mm

808 x 1433 mm

brightness700 nit700 nit
glassESG 6 mm - Optiwhite     ESG 6 mm - Optiwhite


820 × 1990 mm

950 x 2100 mm
Model75 P 211-------------------------
panel75 inchLCD
resultion2160 × 3840 Pixel 

visible size of monitor

930 × 1652 mm


brightness700 nit 
glassESG 6 mm - Optiwhite      


1070 × 2350 mm